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A Message from the Founders

                Our history started in 2004, when my wife, Raisa Gladushyna, Head of the chair (specialization – psychology of visual perception and motivation problems) and I, Head of the chair (specialization – problem of 3D modeling) of the University received a proposal to participate in the competition for the production of landscape model of region in Ukraine, which is placed in the Carpathian Mountains (very similar in its size and height of Mountains to the Adirondack, U.S.) from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (analogue to the Rescue Service).

                The task was formulated in such a way so that the layout of the landscape had to reflect accurately the dynamics of the highlands and allow to identify potentially dangerous places, to train specialists in different fields (rescuers, transport workers, doctors) and ordinary people to teach them how to behave in dangerous situations.

                It was assumed that the layout would also be used in wall and desktop versions.  For us, it was obvious that without the visual highlight of the dominant peaks, without selecting multiple viewpoints, color filling the main image and the background it was impossible to achieve the visual effect.  Solving this problem, we created the layout of Carpathian Mountains, which became the winner.

                Since that moment, we’ve started a new page in our life.  Our layout, its realism and artistry was highly regarded not only by professionals (rescuers)but also by distributors in different segments.  Summing up all the requests we concluded that ateaching aid for schools, as well as ordinary people of the region seeing our layout had a perception of excellence. If at the beginning of requests, we treated them as high recognition of product quality, then when orders reached 2,000 pieces, we started to think of the transition from single to mass production.

From that moment, we have started working on technological improvement and manufacturing relief maps.  First ever, in the production of 3D maps we used such operations as 1) Calibration, 2) image focusing, 3) panoramic effect and all this was by Non-matrix technology – vinyl vacuum forming method.

                17 months was spent on the development of new technologies and as the result was a produced 3D map of the Ukrainian Carpathians with panoramic effect (size 44” x 32”, relief height up to 3.5”).